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Karate Kids

Dojo Karate is a school teaching American Karate, we currently have seven locations throughout Minnesota: Maple Grove, Elk River, Monticello, Buffalo, Waconia, Rogers and Medina. Dojo Karate is a different kind of karate school. Our focus is on your success and we accomplish this through exercise, self-discipline, respect and positive reinforcement. We have developed a unique program, teaching those skills that can be used to improve your health, confidence, and concentration as well as self-defense.


Upcoming Events

Elk River Graduation
February 10

Waconia Graduation
February 11

Buffalo Graduation
February 12

Rogers Graduation
February 17


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Photo & Video Gallery

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Birthday at the Dojo Karate

Benefits of Karate

  • Health

  • Flexibility

  • Strength

  • Stamina

  • Self Confidence

  • And So Much More

Dojo Karate Locations

  • Maple Grove, MN

  • Buffalo, MN

  • Elk River, MN

  • Medina, MN

    Monticello, MN

  • Rogers, MN

    Waconia, MN


Star News


"At 2 1/2 years old, my son was diagnosed with a sensory disorder as well as EBD (emotional/behavioral disorders) and put on an IEP (Individualized Education Program). At Buffalo Days we were approached by a wonderful woman and briefly discussed the concerns my son's teachers, special education teachers and I all had regarding his behaviors. I made the decision that week to let him try Karate. One of the BEST DECISIONS I have made for my son. We are now reaching almost a year of being a part of Dojo Karate. During this time, my son has made a 360 in multiple areas and multiple times! His sensory needs have decreased. His focus, discipline, and respect have all improved and then some, especially for an almost 3 1/2 year old! He has no idea yet what pride means, yet he displays it to a certain extent with the care of his uniform, belts and gear. He holds high respect for his instructors. I am completely amazed and proud of the progress he has made in such a short period of time. He has done so well, in fact, that he is being released from his IEP this spring! A lot of this progress is without a doubt in great thanks to the AWESOME instructors at Dojo Karate Buffalo! They listen, they advise, they help, they CARE & it shows!"

-Dojo Karate Parent

Special needs children are always welcome. Dojo Karate will tailor a program to meet your needs. We will assist you in setting goals and help you succeed in reaching them through encouragement from the instructors and the Dojo students.
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