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The Basics of Martial Arts

Karate Kids
You will begin by learning basic stances, kicks and punches. Working at your own pace, your body will adjust to regular exercise and you will begin gaining flexibility. Eventually you will be challenged with more and more advanced techniques.

At each belt level, you will learn the following:

The Mighty Dragons Program (Ages 3 - 5 years)

The Mighty Dragons program has specialized training for young martial artists. Mighty Dragons are typically age 3 to 5. We focus on developing basic motor skills, coordination, discipline and respect. Some tasks require simple hand-eye coordination to stimulate the development of fine motor skills. In the Mighty Dragons program, students will learn simple kicks, punches and self-defense moves.

This training makes for an easy transition into our standard martial arts training. Students in this program will advance through 7 belt ranks, the final goal being a Gold Belt. Gold Belt is the 2nd rank in our standard program. Once a student has reached a rank of Gold Belt, they can begin our standard program.

Sparring - Put Your Training into Action

Sparring is a controlled environment where you can use your Karate skills to simulate attack and defense situations. In order to spar, students are required to wear protective equipment, including head, chest, rib, hand and foot padding. Students are trained on various sparring techniques and engage in supervised sparring matches.

The object of sparring is to get to five points before your opponent does; this is accomplished using speed and skill, not power, such as with Boxing and MMA. A sparring match is a two-minute round. Typically head contact is only allowed for adult Black Belts; however, some tournaments will allow light head contact for older Black Belt teenagers and advanced belt adults. If you make contact with your opponent's head in a match where head contact is not allowed, your opponent is awarded one point and you receive a warning. After three warnings you will be disqualified. Again the goal is to be the first to five points.

Traditional Weapons

Karate Kids

Learning how to use a weapon adds a new dimension to the training. In addition to using your basic karate maneuvers, you will learn how to defend yourself from a weapon and with a weapon. Dojo Karate has selected the Bo Staff as the standard weapon to learn on your journey to Black Belt.

It is believed the Bo Staff was originally used to carry water containers by balancing the pole across the shoulders and hanging the containers at the two ends of the pole. In early Japanese martial arts Samurai and Priests used it to disarm attackers while remaining at a safe distance.

Today the Bo Staff is more commonly used in Forms; it improves coordination, balance and upper-body strength. The Bo Staff is taught at all Karate locations, but you will find other weapons are taught also. Some of these other weapons are the Kama, Sai and Escrima.

Team Evolution - Tournament Team

Team Evolution is a competition team formed by a group of students who have chosen to take their study of martial arts to the next level. Investing time and energy into additional classes, stepping-up to take on additional roles and responsibilities at tournaments, and reaching out to help their peers advance through the levels. It's about integrity, honor and strength of character.

These students have demonstrated a commitment not only to their study of the martial arts, but to one another. Team try-outs are typically held around the beginning of August, if you're competitive you can join Team Evolution and compete in the NCKA Tournament Circuit. While in Team Evolution, you will receive extra one-on-one training to help you compete.

Benefits of Karate:

Karate Kids




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