Dojo Karate Training in Plato, MN

Dojo Karate's mission is to help students of all ages and abilities reach his or her highest potential in Plato, MN. We show each class the lifelong benefits Karate will provide, including self-confidence, respect, determination and self-defense. Our Professional Instructors each have a passion for the sport and will give each student the opportunity to advance through the belt ranks by goal-setting, one-on-one instruction and involvement in healthy competition both in and outside of our schools. Dojo is a traditional school and highly encourages families to practice the sport together, creating a strong support system for each other. Each of our classes are uniquely designed by each instructor based on the needs and abilities of each student in that particular group. All ages are more than welcome at Dojo and we ensure each student's success through exercise, self-discipline, mutual respect and positive reinforcement. At Dojo Karate, we believe in creating "Champions in Life" so the lessons and skills learned in each program can be easily applied to other aspects of life such as school, work, and relationships.

Dojo has created a variety of Training Programs that not only encourage a healthy lifestyle, but also build self-assurance, motivation and focus within each of our students. Our instructors work hard to instill the philosophy that Karate can be practiced purely for exercise and self-defense, but also assists those that may be experiencing bullying, attention disorders, fatigue syndromes or low self-esteem. There are programs for everyone, ranging from Preschool age to adults. We also provide different types of training so everyone has an opportunity to find their passion. Along with westernized TaeKwonDo, or American Karate, classes, you will also have the opportunity to participate in Ground Self-Defense, Kickboxing and Competition programs. Knowing that many of our students are also involved in other sports and activities, Dojo even has a specialized program for cross training, resistance training, and sport-specific training. Visit our Training page to see how you can attain the lifelong benefits of our programs.

Dojo Karate has 7 Convenient Locations throughout the western suburbs of Minneapolis and St. Paul, making it easy for students from Plato, MN to join us. To view the class schedules for the location nearest you, please visit our Class Schedules page. You can also get a glimpse of what happens within our schools by visiting our Photo Gallery and Events Calendar.

Please Contact Us today if you have any questions or are interested in beginning your Karate journey.

We have 7 locations throughout the Minneapolis area.

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