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Key Skills in Self-Defense

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Key Skills in Self-Defense - Dojo Karate

Safeguard yourself from a potential attacker through a martial arts self-defense class. You’ll learn useful, key skills in self-defense training to prepare for a hostile situation or physical confrontation. Your mind learns to shift awareness to your surroundings, while remaining calm if danger is present.


One of the first steps in self-defense is to learn how to avoid dangerous situations altogether. Attackers need three factors before they prey on someone: intent, means, and opportunity. If you are not on the attacker’s radar, the chance of attack will diminish. Awareness of your surroundings and knowing the warning signs will increase your chances of avoiding an attack.


When you are in a situation involving an aggressor, it’s important to deescalate the event before making any physical moves. It’s difficult to know the violence your attacker will use in that moment. Your goal: Avoid physical confrontation with the predator. Your body language and word choice must reflect that. Walking away should always be the first option if possible. Use verbal techniques, like deflection, compromise, or persuasion. Sometimes, personal alarms work well to scare away the attacker as well.

Mental Clarity

Learning self-defense becomes a process. You must mentally prepare yourself to know how to react in an alarming situation. All humans have a natural fight or flight response to danger. Homing in on your reactions will give you the power to know when to de-escalate or use physical defense techniques. You want to outsmart your opponent and keep calm through the whole encounter.

Physical Defense

There are many methods of self-defense. Krav Maga, jujutsu, kickboxing, Muay Thai, and Taekwondo are all forms of martial arts training. Dojo Karate offers ground self-defense classes. Most altercations end up on the ground. When two people grab each other or fight, they typically lose balance and fight on the ground. Through this training, you will learn how to escape from a larger and stronger attacker on the ground. You will also learn defense techniques against grabs, chokes, and headlocks.

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