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Kicking Summer Break Off Right

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Dojo Karate - Kicking Summer Break Off Right

There comes a time when your kids grow up. During the summer, they can stay at home by themselves and don’t need daycare. Most adults don’t have the luxury of summer breaks, though, and kids are home alone, left alone to their own devices! So how do you inspire your kids to enjoy the summer and turn off the television or iPad? Kids CAN have fun without overindulging in technology. Follow these tips to encourage your kids to stay active and engaged over summer break.

Create a Calendar

Ask your kids to make their perfect summer bucket list: playdates with friends, summer camp, or picking up a new sport. This way, they will be (mostly) in control of their reality. Be supportive while familiarizing your son or daughter with calendars and goal setting. Plus, you might find time for yourself without the kids.

Learn Something New

Summer break is the perfect time to try something new. Start an activity like Karate to motivate fitness and character development. At Dojo Karate, our summer programs cultivate your child’s self-confidence, respect, discipline, and self-defense. Your son or daughter will make new friends and have the mental clarity to start school again in the fall.

Go Outside

Encourage your kids to go outdoors and explore. If you build a summer calendar, you can coordinate hikes with their friends or plan a camping trip as a family. Engage with nature to keep the mind energized. Stay active through hiking, swimming, or paddling.

Make Chores Fun

Do you have yard work or renovations to do in the summer? Create a list of chores and projects you can all work on together. Cross off your summer to-dos faster while teaching your children new skills. Make the tasks fun by playing their favorite music or wearing silly outfits. Enjoy a reward like ice cream or a pizza party after completing chores.

Get Involved

Connect with your kids with something that may otherwise seem like routine. Skip the grocery store and visit the local farmers market together! Let your children choose their veggies and meat for the night. Spend time cooking or grilling out together, too. Make memories by playing games, creating art, or involving yourself in your kids’ activities.

Dojo Karate is family-friendly and strongly encourages parents and relatives to get involved. Build stronger relationships and valuable life skills together this summer. We want to help each student reach his or her highest potential.

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