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Back to School — How Karate Helps Students

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Labor Day weekend has come and gone. Most likely, you have already sent your kids back to school. The school year can be difficult for some children and adolescents. As a parent, you may want to fix all your children’s problems, but you also want them to learn to resolve issues on their own. Consider Karate an opportunity for growth. Your child or adolescent might find Karate a perfect fit if they have:

  • Academic struggles.
  • Excess energy at the end of the day.
  • Difficulty socializing with peers.
  • Issues with authority.
  • Problems with self-control.



Karate increases focus and mental clarity with structure, consistency, and goal setting. Students practice goal setting with the belt system, by earning stripes, and by competing in tournaments. Our instructors use training like Kata to challenge students through movements involving memorization and patterns. With regular practice, martial arts can also reduce anxiety and stress outside of school. Breathing techniques can increase calm and focus.


Kids with high levels of energy often struggle with sitting at a desk at school all day. Some schools have decreased or even cut physical education and recess time. Regular exercise can improve health issues such as obesity and ADHD. According to the Center for Disease Control, children and adolescents should aim for 60 minutes or more of aerobic activity a day. At Dojo Karate, we offer our students aerobic, anaerobic, flexibility, and strength training activities like:



Learning how to communicate is essential for child and adolescent development. Some kids may struggle with it a little more than others. Karate improves self-esteem, social interaction with peers, and conflict resolution. By progressing through the belt system, many students find that they can accomplish goals outside of Karate as well. And because we take a team approach to each program, our students become family and create lifelong friendships. Through physical training and competitions, many students gain confidence to perform well under pressure, too. The martial arts are methods of self-defense, so students will learn how to de-escalate risky situations.


Some children and adolescents struggle with defiance and may challenge authority figures. Creating a happy, successful life begins with understanding respect. Karate teaches students the importance of respecting elders, adults, peers, and themselves. Students begin each class with a bow to show respect to the instructor, students, and martial arts. Group participation and team spirit encourage dignity as well. Dojo Karate offers a Character Development class with group discussions and instruction that teach students leadership skills.


Developing self-discipline is one of the top benefits of studying martial arts. It’s all about control. In Karate, our students learn to use their own skills, strengths, and perseverance to succeed. They become more aware of their surroundings and begin to think before they act. Consistent practice, homing in on new skills, and goal setting lead the way to self-discipline.

Karate helps students by improving focus, energy, confidence, respect, and discipline. At Dojo Karate, we provide the instruction necessary for anyone to reach their goals. We design our classes based on the needs and abilities of each student and recognize their successes throughout the program.

Contact us to learn more about Dojo Karate’s programs for preschoolers, children, preteens, teenagers, and adults.


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