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4 Winter Workout Tips

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winter workout tips

Winter is here! The recent snowfall makes it all the more apparent. Snowy days can mean longer commutes, hectic mornings, and cravings for comfort food, so keeping up a healthy routine this time of year can be challenging. Dojo Karate wants to help you stay on track through the holidays. Below are four winter workout tips to help keep you and your family fit all season long.

4 Winter Workout Tips

Exercise together

Exercising with other people can help keep you accountable. Find a physical activity your whole family can do, like walking, ice skating, skiing, or karate. You’ll spend quality time together and develop healthy habits in your kids that will help set them up for a lifetime of wellness.

Take it inside

Don’t let the weather derail your fitness routine. Find workouts you can do in your home when the weather is too cold or the roads too slippery to safely exercise. Each family member could rotate picking out or designing the workout. Besides the health benefits, this fitness strategy will also build leadership and planning skills.


Staying hydrated is important all year long, but it can be harder to do in the winter. As the temperatures plummet, your craving for warm drinks can increase. Make sure you still drink enough water. Carry around a water bottle or use an app to set reminders. Challenge the whole family to keep track of their water, and let the winner pick a special dinner or new workout class to try.

Join a karate or kickboxing class

Not a fan of winter activities? Take your workout indoors. Dojo Karate offers a variety of kickboxing and martial art classes for all age groups. Besides fitness, the benefits of martial arts include:

  • Increased focus and mental clarity. With regular practice, martial arts can help reduce anxiety and stress. Our instructors can use a combination of training like Kata to challenge students to memorize and recognize patterns in movement and practice breathing techniques.
  • Uptick in energy. Exercise can help improve energy levels. Exercise can increase endorphins, improve cardiovascular health, and help you get a better night’s sleep.
  • Boosted confidence. We take a team approach with our training. This helps improve self-esteem, social interaction, and conflict resolution. Our program is built around setting and achieving goals, allowing our students to get the tools they need to accomplish anything.
  • Better understanding of respect. Martial arts is not just about getting physically fit; it focuses on creating well-rounded students. Karate teaches students the importance of respecting elders, adults, peers, and themselves.
  • Improved self-discipline. Self-discipline is a key component of martial arts. Students learn to utilize their own skills, strengths, and perseverance to succeed. Karate is not just about controlling an opponent but becoming self-aware and controlling oneself.


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