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2019 New Year’s Resolution: Health Goals & Habits

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Whatever your goals for the New Year, if you’re hoping to adopt healthier habits, you’re not alone. The American Psychological Association (APA) reports that losing weight and exercising regularly are among America’s top New Year’s resolutions. If you’re still deciding on your 2019 health goals but are unsure how long you’ll stick with them, it’s time to take a new approach.

Grim Statistics

According to an article by Entrepreneur, only 9.2 percent of people keep their New Year’s resolutions. That leaves another 90.8 percent who don’t stick to their goals. Why? Perhaps once the holidays end, so does their motivation. Maybe it’s the cold Minnesota winter that freezes their ambition. Or maybe they just haven’t found a routine that drives them to success.

The Importance of Habits

This year, try something different. Don’t make resolutions; create habits. We all know how quickly resolve can fade when you’re sore from yesterday’s workout or sitting in front of a delicious-looking chocolate cake. Your intention and determination may be admirable, but let’s face it—self-discipline is hard. Incorporate a new activity into your family’s routine that promotes character development and accountability. That way, you’ll be able to say no to your old habits on a daily basis and have the strength to try again if you fail.

How Karate Can Help

At Dojo Karate, we’re passionate about helping students of all ages and abilities reach their fitness goals. From kickboxing to self-defense and sport training, all of our classes encourage character development and healthy lifestyles. Our instructors are extensively trained in martial arts and uniquely design each class based on the needs and abilities of each student.

Who it’s For

Our karate lessons are not just for kids. We want to help your whole family stick to your new healthy habits in 2019. Besides the aerobic benefits, martial arts also encourages self-discipline through positive reinforcement. We view challenges as opportunities, not obstacles. You can succeed at changing your habits. How? Together. Martial arts is a fun, inclusive activity that promotes a lifetime of wellness and quality family time.

Whether you are an adult or child, Dojo Karate can help you improve your strength, stamina, and self-confidence. All three of those qualities are key to establishing healthy habits that will last for the rest of your life. Contact us to learn more.


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