3 Keys to Keeping Up with Winter Fitness

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The holidays have come and gone, but winter is far from over. And for many of us, the cold, snowy weather makes it hard to stick to our fitness routines. Here are three keys that will help you combat falling into a fitness rut during the long winter season.


A new workout routine feels easy at first, no matter when we start – we’re full of positivity and motivation. But all too often, that motivation fades. We learn that sticking to fitness routines is difficult, especially in winter when the days are short, temperatures drop, and we just want to stay inside the comfort our own homes. That’s where discipline comes in.

Motivation helps us set and start toward goals, but we achieve them through discipline. Among its many benefits, Karate teaches self-discipline. With a focus on control, Karate teaches students of all ages to utilize and enhance their own skills, strengths, and perseverance to succeed. Karate classes with Dojo Karate not only provide a workout, but also help develop the self-discipline needed when motivation fails.


However, we’re not born with the skill of self-discipline. It takes time and can be very hard to master. When we work out with a partner, group, or class, such as Karate or kickboxing, we have others to help hold us accountable.

Dojo Karate offers a variety of kickboxing and martial arts classes for all ages. By signing up for a class, we commit to our fitness goals and surround ourselves with other determined individuals. Plus, working out with others often pushes you to further levels of intensity and effort.

Concrete Goals

To make any fitness journey successful, we must set concrete, attainable goals that will get us there. These should be easy to measure for tracking progress, such as “lose 10 pounds in 5 weeks” or “work out 3 times per week.” Be diligent with these goals from the beginning: write them down, track progress, and mark goals completed as you achieve them. Then, start again with new goals and continue the fitness journey.

In a 2015 study focused on achieving goals, participants who shared their written goals, plans to achieve them, and progress with a friend accomplished significantly more than those who did not. The instructors at Dojo Karate are dedicated to helping you define, set, and reach your goals.

When the days are shorter and the temps are lower, we all struggle a bit more with our fitness routines. But with every Martial Arts program and class at Dojo Karate, we give our students the tools and instruction they need to be successful. Contact Us to learn more about how we can help you achieve your fitness goals.


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