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Whatever your goals for the New Year, if you’re hoping to adopt healthier habits, you’re not alone. The American Psychological Association (APA) reports that losing weight and exercising regularly are among America’s top New Year’s resolutions. If you’re still deciding on your 2019 health goals but are unsure how long you’ll stick with them, it’s […]


It’s not hard to argue that exercise is good for you. You live longer and feel better. We all have different backgrounds and skills, and sometimes must try harder than others to reach our goals. Whether you are new to fitness, jumping back in it, or just want to find new ways to improve – […]

5 Tips to Make Your Fitness Goals a Success by Dojo Karate

Welcome to the new year! Previously, our blog talked about passion to redefine your New Year’s resolutions. This blog is going to talk more specifically about how to achieve those goals. I want to lose weight. I want to be more physically fit and flexible. I want to run a marathon. These are great fitness […]


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