When can my child begin Karate?

At Dojo Karate we can begin training students as young as three years old. As with any sport, it depends on the child. Before beginning any program, the student is evaluated in the classroom with an instructor on their ability to perform simple kicks and punches. This allows the child to get a feel for what karate is about. Afterwards, the instructor will talk with the child and parent(s) to find out how the child felt and what the parent(s) thinks. If everyone is comfortable, the student attends Karate classes for one month and then is re-evaluated to see if the child and parents want to continue.

Am I too old to start Karate?

Usually age is not a deterrent to starting Karate. At Dojo Karate, we want you to succeed at your goals. You work at your own pace, set your own goals and we help you reach them. We recommend seeing your doctor before beginning any exercise program. Even if your doctor sets restrictions, it is possible for us to adjust our program so you can still enjoy the benefits of Karate.

Is Karate dangerous?

Karate is a sport; it has various risks and dangers just like any other sport. At Dojo Karate, we do what we can to prevent serious injury. We start you out with basic moves that increase in difficulty over time, allowing your body to adapt and grow to meet the challenges.

How much does it cost to be in Karate?

Similar to other sports, there are several different levels of involvement. At Dojo Karate, there are different programs; equipment fees vary based on your goals and the curriculum you want to learn. It is best to schedule an introductory class to determine the program that best suits your needs.

I have a Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do, can I join Dojo Karate as a Black Belt?

Dojo Karate has a specific curriculum you are required to learn. In most cases we would start you at an under belt but you should be able to advance back to Black Belt quickly. Schedule an introductory class and we will get you going.

Can I get a High School Sports Letter by taking karate at Dojo Karate?

Dojo Karate can work with your school's athletic director and establish a program that allows you to receive a High School Sports Letter for participation at Dojo Karate. Annandale High school has established this program, see the article in The Annandale Advocate. Contact your instructor or call Dojo Karate for more details.

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