Hunter Newman

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Mr. Newman has been involved with Dojo Karate since 2006, when he began his martial arts training at 7 years old. He’s been training in Karate ever since and is now the head instructor at Dojo’s Buffalo location, though he’s also instructed at the Rogers location. Mr. Newman received his Black Belt in 2010, his 2nd degree Black Belt in 2015, and 3rd degree in 2018. He has earned multiple grand championships in both traditional form and sparring competitions through Dojo Karate. As an instructor, he has taught every class Dojo Karate has to offer to students of all ages, including his personal favorite—sparring. Mr. Newman loves to help students become the best versions of themselves, both mentally and physically. He enjoys seeing students reach the next level in all that they do, growing into leaders both in martial arts and their lives outside of Dojo.

Instructor Location : Buffalo, MN
Instructor Rank : 2

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