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Mr. Zepeda started martial arts at the age of 5, learning Korean Tang Soo Do. He became a Junior Assistant Instructor at the age of 9 and at 12 he began training in traditional TaeKwonDo, competing in Olympic style sparring. In 2004 Zepeda received his Black Belt in American TaeKwonDo. He received his 2nd Degree Black Belt in 2006, 3rd degree in 2009 and 4th degree in 2014. He is the instructor at Dojo Karate’s Monticello location and coaches the sparring team, pushing them to participate in more competitions to further grow their skills. Mr. Zepeda's passion also lies in watching his children grow up participating in martial arts, among other activities.

Phone: 763-295-4919

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Instructor Location : Monticello, MN
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