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As a member of Dojo Karate, you will learn American Karate, a westernized version of Korean Tae Kwon Do. This style takes the traditional values of the Martial Arts, such as self-discipline, respect, balance-in-life and self-defense, and combines them with the philosophy that Karate should only be used for the right reason. We instill in our members that conflicts should be resolved in a non-violent manner. Every step / level is measured in small, easy to attain goals.

At Dojo Karate, you will quickly experience a number of reasons why Karate is an exciting sport to be involved in.
Whether you are an adult or child, Karate and our instructors will help you to improve your:

Our classes and training have assisted individuals suffering from attention disorders, fatigue syndromes and low self-esteem. We have helped children and teens develop the confidence needed to avoid being tormented by bullies. In fact, our approach works so well, it is recommended by many physicians and counselors as a way to encourage children.

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