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"The instructors at Dojo Karate do an excellent job of breaking down complex moves and making karate fun. Their commitment to teaching self defense, teaching our kids to think for themselves, and to do the right things with their knowledge is something that carries over outside of class as well. We've truly enjoyed each class and the growth our kids have had since starting with Dojo." – Ha-Keem & Erica

"Our boys learned the importance of commitment, dedication, first time listening, and respect. As parents we noticed right away what they were learning at Dojo was carrying over at home too. The staff brings a great balance of fun, patience, and discipline to every class. We are very pleased with our decision to join Dojo Karate and know that it has made a great impact on the character building of our boys." – Chad & Janie

"We are excited to watch our kids grow in a school that supports their differences and challenges their goals. Dojo Karate is not just an activity or a hobby it is an investment into our kids. Thanks!" – John

"My husband and I both took karate as children so the benefits were no surprise to us. In the few months since Connor joined Karate, he's changed. He has a better understanding of consequences, has started to think before he acts and speaks. He pro-actively helps without being asked. He smiles and talks to kids he's never met." – Diane & Josh

"5 years ago I had signed my 7 yr old (youngest) son up for the intro class with Dojo Karate and never looked back. One month after Ryan started classes Master Salas asked if I would like to try out a month of Karate with a Father/Son promotion he was holding... "Absolutely" was my answer. After I had seen the excitement of my son and that there was no limit to how far someone can grow in Karate I thought it would be a great way to have something we both could do together... Well, with that said, it's a family affair now with my three boys and myself engaged in Karate!!!!" – Scott

"We have been with Dojo Karate for over 4 yrs. We were one of the first families to join and all 3 of the boys are active. I cannot say how happy we have been with Mrs Salas and his whole staff. They are wonderful instructors and their philosophy to teaching karate is the best! We have tried a TKD school before and did not like the atmosphere and the teachers so we were a little skeptical when we started but I am happy that my family is with Dojo Karate. Our kids have grown in many ways... they have developed not only in their karate skills but also with their leadership, self confidence and discipline. Also they have gained wonderful physical skill like gross motor, coordination and control. We love this plan and highly recommended it to anyone considering trying the martial arts!" – A Chester

"My son is three years old. Since starting at Dojo Karate, he has improved by leaps and bounds. His balance, his dexterity, his manners, and his concentration have all vastly improved. The instructors have all been fantastic and personable. They are willing to work with families to make sure children get the most out of this experience. My son has already achieved his first belt rank and is even more motivated to make it to his next. I am very happy with Dojo Karate and I intend to continue to send my son so long as he chooses to participate." – Yvette

"My son and I love taking classes at Dojo Karate. The instructors make learning Karate fun and challenging. The emphasis on discipline and respect is invaluable for my child. The instructors adapt lessons to the various learning styles of the students. Karate is truly a sport for any age and fitness level. Class times are conveniently posted online and they are open six days a week, so we are able to fit a few classes in each week. The assistant instructors are remarkably poised and are good role models." – Diane

"I never thought I would ever have put my child in Karate, but after one class he was hooked. After two years, he still loves it and as a parent I love how it teaches so much more than other sports. All of the instructors have different approaches and all have great things to offer the children. I really have enjoyed watching my child at Dojo and can't wait to see him continue to advance with such a great group of people and atmosphere." – Kerri

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